10 Old School, Still Cool Celebrity Crushes


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New Kids, Will Smith, Brad Pitt: We grew up with these babes, and they get better with time.

With all the celebrity heartbreak in the news this week (Tony and Jessica, Janet and JermaineRichard Jefferson and his jilted bride, Arturo Gatti's murder and more Gosselin drama), we took an opportunity to remember Celebrity Love events that always, well, make us happy. 

Here's our list of old-school celebrity crushes that still make us blush and never go out of style:


New Kids On The Block If we gave these guys each their own spot as they deserve on this list, they would only leave room for the other half of the 1980s. These days they're all either married with kids or taken, but they're still gorgeous guys and good men. This week Joey McIntyre announced that his wife is pregnant with their second son; meanwhile, we're still dying to catch them out on tour.How Loving A Boy Band Shaped My Life

Drew Barrymore Have you ever heard the woman talk? She's still such a doll. Granted there was a period in the late '80s where we kind of feared for her wellbeing, but thank heavens, she outgrew it. Her talent in recent challenging roles is only matched by her adorable and intelligent demeanor in interviews. Smart girls are hot. High Emotional Intelligence May Equal More Orgasms

Will Smith You know those guys who look oh-kay, but as soon as they start talking they instantly turn irresistible because their personalities are so awesome? Will Smith is the quintessential first-impression-caterpillar-turned-social-butterfly, and we've been fans ever since the "Parents Just Don't Understand" era (yo, it was not that long ago...okay yeah it was). This week Jada announced that their sex life is almost too crazy to handle. Um, Jada? Chill. Even Will's more discreet than that. Jada And Will Still Talking About Sexy Marriage

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