How To Keep A Military Marriage Strong


military marriage
Five tips for keeping your relationship healthy during long-distance deployments.

Let's face it, the stories of infidelity in military marriages run rampant. And shows like Army Wives and movies like Jarhead help perpetuate the idea that military marriages are constantly plagued by infidelity. Meanwhile, the divorce rate among military couples is twice as high as in the general population. Don't let this happen to you. Read: Military Divorces Are On The Rise

Here are five great tips for keeping your military marriage strong despite deployment, separation and frequent relocation.


1. Keep it fresh.
When hubby is away, don't be afraid to send racy photos, write steamy love letters or send sex coupons to be redeemed upon the military member's return. And don't be shy about the webcam and telephone, ladies. One caveat: naughty e-mails should be avoided, since most e-mails are checked, but some couples have developed their own "code language" to let each other know how they are feeling. When Mama needs some love, there is nothing wrong with thinking about everything you want to do when he returns. Think back to your most intimate times and relive the emotional and physical satisfaction he brings you. Whatever you do, many spouses discourage watching sexual movies or going to clubs, and opt instead for viewing comedies, sharing a night with the girls, or completing a home or hobby project. When things get rough, don't be afraid to take matters into your own hands. Read: 20 Relationships And Technology Dos And Don'ts

2. Deal with loneliness.

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