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Does single mean lonely...?


Everyone may say "single and ready to mingle". Or "single and loving it", but honestly how many feel lonely more than a free agent? Bragging about how we can do this or that no questions asked briefly remembering at the end of the day you hae no one to go home to. Forgetting you sleep alone, no arms around you or breath on your neck from your partner hugging you tightly as you sleep. Going into a store and seeing couples hugging and kissing, palying around with eachother, only to look to your side and there stands no one. Single does not always mean a person is lonely, we all have preferences which of some perfer to be single. Single becasue we know we don't have to worry about out partner blowing our phone up because you have been clubbing all night. Single because we perfer to let love find us as opposed to being in a miserable relationship that you know will not last. Single because independance is a virtue and to be one with another individual you must first know who you are as a person. When you rush love you are setting yourself up for failure. When you go with the flow then is when the one you may spend the rest of your life with will sweep you off your feet and then what...? You love, remember single does not mean you are at any point lonely, you were just waiting, waiting for love to find you and hopefully it did.


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