Are there Not any honest guys out there?? Ones that wont play any games?? Wont Play with my heart?? Is it really to much to ask to find a guy who will just be honest to me and who has goals in his life? I am so sick of talking to all these losers! Just guys who need to grow the hell up and need to get over all of the little kid nonsense. FYI: I can tell when a guy just wants one thing from me and im smart enough not to fall for it, so "those" guys really please just stop trying. I'm not the kind of girl your looking for. Why am I just a magnet for complicated guys? I am starting to think that God does not want me to find the right guy. I know that there is the right guy out there for me but why cant I find him? Am i not looking hard enough? Am I asking for to much? I just want to find a guy that can be my friend my companion,where I can be his rock and he can be mine. I just need that special someone.I am not expecting to fall in love with someone over night but it would be nice to at least have someone that I can call mine. I just want to find the right guy for me, is that really to much to ask?


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