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Life's Realizations

Life's Realizations

Okay, so recently I have found that what I want to do does not coincide with what the rest of the world is asking of me.  I decided I was on hiatus from the whole dating scene because it was not working out for me in the least bit and all of a sudden I have boys coming at me like it's the end of the world.  Not to be mean, but these boys based the fact that they liked me off of mere petty facts like my like's and dislike's rather than who I am as a person.  You can't just fall for someone who you just met and I'm not okay with that.

Right now, my life is about having fun for me.  I've faced enough troubles through out high school to even want to bother with boys right now.  I'd rather make close friends and if something happens in let's say six months from now, great! Right now however, I'm so focused on me it's not even funny.

I'm happy single.  I got tired of feeling like it was a requirement to have some silly boy by my side.  It was just a self esteem booster and now, I'm finding my own self esteem by myself. 

For all the boys out there, do yourselfs a favor.  Learn that it's okay to try and dig deeper.  But stop when asked to.  Because honestly I've found that if you don't start off that way, then when it comes to girls like me, we find ourselfs confused and afraid of letting you down.  However, I'm smart enough to let you down in the beginning rather than lead you on.  I've been there in those situations where my heart was broken.  And Im tired of hearing the line "good guys finish last".  You want to know why that might be true?  Because some girls tend to have to go through the jerks out there to find out that when they meet a nice guy, they truly have found something worth holding on to.  It's not science. 

And as much as each gender likes to say the other is complicated, it's simply not true. 


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