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Yay or Nay (Advice needed)?

Yay or Nay (Advice needed)?

So recently I decided to experience a couple online dating things and have also been going to a night club to keep options open.  Well in both ways, I've met two people and at this point I'm not sure I really want a boyfriend but I don't want to lead them on either.  I know that when I start to like people, i'll lead them on and then can get scared.  I know I shouldn't get scared but it happens.  I'm scared because I have NO experience.

Anyways, so there's two boys at this point.  The one online I get along with really well and the one in real life I'm getting along with just as well.  I really would like to go on some dates this year.  Nothing serious, just fun.  But I guess my thing is, do these boys have the yay or nay quality for me :-/?

The Boy Online
He's in Iraq and will be returning home in November.  He's got a two year old daughter and is of twenty years of age.  He's got a lot in common with me amazingly and even if he doesn't like something I do, or I don't like something he does we still get along.  However, I don't want to give anything a try until I meet him in person but I am thinking about how this will affect me if it were to go anywhere.  I mean I just turned eighteen.

The Boy In Life
He's twenty one and says I'm unlike any other girls he's met or been with. Funny part is we met at a night club and I was very convinced he just wanted sex out of me.  I found out that's not true when he asked to be my second kiss and I politely denied, he was perfectly fine with it.  So I recognize at this point, that while I trust him with that now, I do need to confirm it will remain true that he won't try to push me.  We did talk a lot and have a lot in common and it makes me happy .  But I think I should get to know him better first.

I guess I'm a bit cautious when it comes to my emotions.  I'd like to hear about others experiences so please, feel free to tell me your stories!


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