Fixing My Male Infertility


Fixing My Male Infertility
A couple's difficult journey towards having a baby: Part 2.

Part two of a four-part series on male infertility. Click here to read parts one, three and four.   

Right around this time, my Amy and I decided to move to California. Perhaps a fresh start, a fresh perspective would help. 


My wife's doctor in NY sent her to a doctor in Beverly Hills, who sent her to a fertility specialist, who sent me a doctor whose first name sounded a lot like "Pappy." He was the doctor to see for guys whose guys need to get going. 

Pappy had a slightly goofy personality. His brimming optimism, a tonic after my dour New York medical experience, reminded me of Timothy Leary. 

Pappy assured me that New York was very much behind the times and that there was plenty he could do to improve my condition.   

I was immediately put on a boxer shorts / no hot tubs / and no marijuana program (two of those required a change of lifestyle). He also recommended I undergo surgery to correct a varicocele. 

Without referring you to the many, many, medical sites, books and journals I immediately consulted on the subject, there is some belief that a certain vein that traverses one or both testicles can, in one way or another, affect the quality of sperm production. Operating on it may, or may not, improve sperm quality. In my case, a double varocelectomy was recommended. Read: Breaking The Big, Bad Taboo Of IVF

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