Lindsay Lohan Busts Justin Timberlake For Cheating

Lindsay Lohan Busts Justin Timberlake For Cheating
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Lindsay Lohan Twitters that Justin Timberlake is cheating on Jessica Biel.

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay . . . it’s been a tough week for you. We get it. You’ve been accused of stealing jewels from a photo shoot. Sam Ronson said you guys are absolutely, definitely, without a doubt never going to reconcile. You claimed you were so bored that you decided to Twitter a nude pic of yourself to the world. Well, we think maybe you need to give the Blackberry a rest and lay off the Twittering for a bit. Just a bit. Because, now comes word that you spotted Justin Timberlake out with another girl and you just couldn’t help yourself. You just had to twitter that he was cheating on girlfriend Jessica Biel.
Oh Lindsay. Apparently Justin was out at Avenue nightclub in New York City earlier this week where he was spotted kissing, canoodling and holding hands with an unknown brunette. JT was also a tad tipsy off Patrone and even started break dancing on the dance floor for a few minutes. Lindsay was just steps away from this scene and just couldn’t resist a good Tweet, writing, “Where’s JB, [Jessica Biel] cheater?” Keeping Twitter Tabs On Your Spouse
And what was Lindsay’s excuse for meddling in the love life of JT and JB? Oh she claims that her e-mail account was hacked and it wasn’t her sending out the Tweet. She then Tweeted, ““I don’t twitter about my personal life! Let alone, someone else’s life! I’ve learned my lesson some time ago. Just trying to clear the air! And I’m tired of changing my password every other day!”
Lindsay, listen to us. Unplug for a few days. Take a break from the Twitter. You’ve had a rough week—just relax! Let the world miss you and your drama for a few days. We promise we won't forget you if you just give us the chance to do so!
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