forbidden fruit

forbidden fruit

why does the proverbial forbidden fruit taste so sweet?

With his strong arms wrapped around me and his warmth touching my soul, my mind says it's wrong but it feels so right.  All the nights spent gazing in his direction, wishing he were mine finally culminating with one kiss.  He feels so much better than I could have ever imagined.  As another world opens up the doors of mystery close.  No longer does my mind need to imagine the smell of his skin, the softness of his lips, the feel of his touch, because now he is in my arms, finally. 

Were we better off not acting on our desires?  Should we have remained in the realm of the unknown?  Should I have died never knowing how wonderful he truly is?  Should I have lived with regrets of apathy and fear? 

Or do I deserve this pleasure if only for a moment?  Is it right to act on our instincts and animalistic desires?  Should we live in the now and forget the ensuing consequences and difficulties that will arise in due time?

Swimming in lust caught up in the moment.  I will eat the fruit even though it may make me sick later for the pleasure I derive now outweighs the consequences of the future. 


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