Why He Dumped You: 5 Potential Reasons


Reasons For Breaking Up
A few clues as to why he's not into you. Hint: it really is not about you.

It's been years since we all watched in horror as Jack Berger explained to Miranda she would never hear from the guy she was hoping would call her back. That guy was, in fact, just not that into her. "Fascinating," Miranda told Berger. "Tell me more."

The Sex and The City episode that started the whole He's Just Not That Into You bandwagon has yet to lose speed. In fact, women are more eager than ever to get to the bottom of why they were dumped. Dumped? 10 Healthy Ways To Heal


No longer content to just smile and start over, women want answers from the men who waved them goodbye. Luckily, one male writer was brave enough to tell Cosmopolitan why men break up with women. Inspired by the article, we've added a few of our own theories to why guys dump girls they dig. Most of the time, it really isn't you, it's him, his friends and his stage in life. Seriously.

1. Bad timing.

If we had a dime for every time the timing was off for something—the subway, the stock market, the Superbowl—we'd be rich. Men claim, however, that timing is everything when it comes to settling down. There seems to be a specific time in a man's life when he thinks all his ducks are in order and only then is he ready to get serious. If you catch a guy before he thinks he's ready for long-term, he's likely to think he needs a little more money in the bank, a better position with the company or just a few more one-night stands before he gets exclusive. Sure, he won't say all of this outright, he'll just blame the breakup on bad timing.

2. His best friend just got married.

Men tend to freak out when the first of their pals start settling down. Especially if that pals is their best friend since grade school who just got hitched to a woman they've now taken to calling, "The Bitch." Don't be surprised if you find yourself suddenly single as soon as your boyfriend's friends start getting married. He's simply in shock over loosing his drinking buddies and he doesn't want to put the concept of married in your head as well until he's damn well ready. Read: 5 Things He Doesn't Think You Can Handle