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Be kind you never whose next

Be kind you never whose next

I have found over the years that what goes around comes around. If you do bad or wrong things. Disaster strikes. If you've been kind, helpfull, faithfull, and oh yes interested in people and their feelings. Good things fall out of the sky. I lost my wife to Diabetes oct 27th 2008.Neither Pamela who was a good friend and boss to Sherri and I realized, we had become an old married couple by December. She helped me thru grief and sorry. Was there when I needed her. and i was there for her hospital stay. I give her Roses, Open doors for her, take her to dinner and a movie, get whatever she needs, sometimes what she wants, Money is tight for everyone. I treat her the way I want to be treated. We love Star Trek, X-Men and ScFi. Neither of us watch Pro Football or Baseball. I'm a Lacross and Soccer Fan. She's had and has men issues, Menstril, Menopause. I've had and have War issues. We understand each other. We do things as a team. Shopping is fun with her there a chore when I'm alone. Cooking is fun when she's there to enjoy it. a necessary pain in the ass when she's at work. She's a manager, resturant. I'm a retired Sergeant First Class E-7 (Gunny to marines). We both like to watch each other doing what we love to do, read, watch history or discovery channel. We do most everything together. She can't piss me off if she tried. I just laugh and kiss her. I can drive her crazy until she realizes I'm just mesing wih her. Then she laughs and kisses me. She's more than I ever hoped for and I Love Respect and deeply Care for Her. 3 out of 3 aint bad. She gave this old heart a new start. I hope and pray that everyone finds someone like I have.


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