Slaws and DOgs

Slaws and DOgs

So ok lets start from the beginning...
 In October of 2008 after I had been at the job 9 months I spot this guy and I think he is the cutest ever... I mean Ive dated some attractive guys, but none have caught me at first sight like him. So I just admire hime from afar until december when fate intervined. At work we kinda had to pair up and none other but my crush was paired with me. Well needless to say I couldn't maintain eye contact or even talk but we started having one word conversations that turned into having lunches at Ihop. From the begging we knew that we had a spark and that there was a connection there. On our the 3rd lunch at Ihop which was about 2 weeks from Valentine's Day , He asked me out on our first official date. Of course I said yes and we went to this high end resturant and we talked about everything, past relationships, family, and how we feel about each other. We left there and went downtown and hung out and went to my favorite store, Wal-mart. and we ended the night with a kiss on the cheek. After that night every single  day we had lunch together and every weekend it wasn't a time we didnt go to the beach, mall, or just sit at my house and watch movies. So the week of March 3rd which was our month mark of dating we had a nice dinner, but neither of us said anything about it being one month. Then that saturday, he told me he loved me and I have to admit it was a few days before I said it back, and that is because I was a little scared to say how i really feel. So instead we hung out the following time I kissed him, and i was on a high for a few days. So the next couple of months we grew closer and we kissed often, said i love you and talked about moving in together and he mentioned the "M" word.... everything was ok

Then he changed, first he told me that we were on hold and that he didnt know if we would date again. we hardly spoke and never hung out. He just left my life. Then we tried to be civil and have conversations, which led to a bigger fight and then he left work for 2 weeks and never said anything to me. Then he came back and still wasn't saying a word to me. So then this lady at work that he didn't know i was friends with, he told her that he has dumped me....

Basically she told him he was an idiot and just because he's scared that is no reason to leave me.

So the next day he told me that he cares and that its him not me and someother b.s

Then he picked up like we are still dating

so at this point i dont really know what to say or do....

I guess i am just riding the wave


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