I'm A 50-Something Widow. Can I Find Love?


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Another singles event.

Well, today will be a strange day. I am going to a singles event. I had stopped doing these things, after just not having any luck with them, but this one is a bit different. It's an hour away, which is great (anonymity) and it will have singles from both my town and a town an hour or so east of here. And, they 'say' that they seem a lot of men over 50.


It's a wine thing - I am not a wine tour person so I am at a bit of a disadvantage, but I went to the website and everything is at one winery. At first, I could 'imagine' myself actually being spoken to by a man, which is the normal state of events, but then, as I thought about it last night, and now this morning, I realize that, for some reason, I do not attract men in that usual way. Not that I am ugly. I am quite attractive, actually, and am not in terrible shape. I can dance, I love to have fun, and I can talk to a tree. I'm even losing weight, to my delight, so I should feel very good when I start my "trek" alone. What You Must Know About Flirting and Seduction

But, the reality of it this morning, is - me arriving, checking in, and then wandering around, pretending to be interested in whatever there is to look at, wandering around some more, eyes darting around me, looking for someone cute (and my age.) Then, maybe taking a seat (it is supposed to have "conversation areas") and alternately staring at the fireplace or whatever, and chatting with the many women who no doubt will also be by themselves, eyes still darting, around, hoping to be "plucked out of oblivion." What won't happen is this -

A man will approach me, will have all his teeth, will be dressed nicely, will speak to me, and will be intelligent.

Why do I keep doing this? I know that most people you meet are through your work or extracurricular activities. How I am supposed to meet men when I am in a corner of the room where I work, and where not many people come through who don't work there, is beyond me.

Oh, and I wear my glasses to work, which, according to my late mother, was about the worst thing a girl (or woman) could do. Even the expensive frames don't seem to be enough - can you believe I have carried that around for 40-some years? My mother telling me at age 8 to take off my glasses when we were shopping, because someone she knew was approaching, so I would look acceptable?

Jesus. I know that is absurd.

It's been 11 years. Since my husband died, I have had a very good relationship that lasted a few years, and I have made one really good male friend - who remains just a friend. I am ready for something to happen - for the fates to step in - in a good way! A Young Widow On Loss And New Love

I want to be the woman who has a cute man move in next door, like in that one commercial where they are running between their yards in their bridal wear. I want to literally be tripped up by 'that' man. Or go around a corner and come face to face with him. Or be in Barnes and Noble and have some totally nice-looking older man say something to me - anything - just a pickup line, please! It has been SO long.

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