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Married... with children


I have discovered something new about my ex married "fiancee". Turns out that not only was he married in Africa, but he has a child too. Just to backtrack my ex, got married 3 years into our relationship to someone else and kept dating me for 2 more years. I guess he "forgot" to tell me. Well, although he only got to see her 3 times (including the wedding) apparantly he was able to impregnate her the last time he saw her. Last year, he went to Africa, and in January he brought her to the States for her to have her child. What I find even more disgusting, is that he was going to send her back to Africa and marry me! I guess I thwarted his plans when I found out, huh?  Another reason to add to  the list of what a duchebag this guy truly is!


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