1st entry


1st entry

O.k. so a couple of days ago I ask if what it is that i am dealing with as far as the "relationship" i was in and the unamious vote was to walk away. No, I am just not basing my decision on what people responded to on the question i posted. I just honestly after reading what real women have to say, who are in real relationship, plus the overwhelming fact that I know better... It is just time to move on. Regardless of whether he wants to hang out, talk about problems, or have a meal together, the lines are blurred as to what a friendship is and what friends with benefits might be. I am saddened that I have spent these last months wasting my time and caring for someone that wasn't worth it. This is truly another failed romance and I am pulling myself out of dating altogether. I need to get back to me and enjoying life. I am not a man-hater, I just can't do it anymore. I would love to read about other people's stories and what they are experiencing, and for one time in my life, I can say that I am fine with this decision.

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