Suri Cruise And Cruz Beckham In Adorable Baby Love


Suri Cruise And Cruz Beckham In Adorable Baby Love
Littlest Cruise and Beckham kids have more than names in common.

Suri Cruise has a massive crush (for a three-year-old) on David and Victoria Beckham's youngest son, Cruz, who's four, according to the National Enquirer. A source who is clearly too invested in the nonexistent romantic lives of toddlers tells the rag, "She lights up whenever he's around" and that Suri frequently demands her mom bring home an extra chocolate cupcake for Cruz.

Since this story comes from the National Enquirer, we're just glad they’re not calling Cruz "Bat Boy". But the kids' friendship at least makes a little bit of sense; their moms, Katie Holmes and Victoria, became fast friends a few years ago when the Beckhams moved to L.A. And the rest of the details are hilariously innocuous: Suri drew a picture of herself and Cruz during her art class—"She drew stick figures of the two of them, hers Pink and his blue. They were standing inside a gigantic heart, holding hands"—you know, because she's THREE, and she and Cruz practice their French and Spanish together, which reminds your correspondent uncomfortably of one of her early flirtations. At the age of fifteen. ("Oui, je voudrais aller avec vous au cinéma. Merci!")


Cruz, holding up his end of the crush, "is always begging Victoria to take him to Suri's house because he loves jumping on her trampoline and playing on her jungle gym," NE's source said. We knew that little scamp was only after Suri for her awesome toys! This is just like getting dumped right before summer vacation for the girl down the block whose family just put in an above-ground pool. Will Suruz Make Our Next List of 10 Greatest Love Stories Of All Time?

This may be a little insane, but personally, we cannot wait for the glory days of Beverly Hills High in 2019. Picture it: They'll have their own super-exclusive, extra-vicious version of Maddox Jolie-Pitt will be that guy leaning against his car in the parking lot, making everyone swoon with barely concealed lust. Jada and Will's daughter Willow will be the prime diva queen of the tenth grade. The Affleck and Damon girls will totally be the Plastics. It's going to be awesome. CW, make this TV show.

Via Celebitchy. Photo courtesy of Splash News.

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