Virtually Getting To Know You


Virtually Getting To Know You

I recently attended my best friend's graduation from college and 3 separate respectable, educated and distinguished individuals [including a dean, a board of trustee member and the keynote speaker (the attorney general)] addressed the audience and made references that the graduates are emerging into a vastly changing world: one driven by Facebook and Twitter.  It made me observe and come to the conclusion: OMG, they're absolutely right.

We're living in an age where social networking is ever consuming.  I can know more about my friends, family members, celebrities and complete strangers than I could ever think imaginable or sometimes ever want to know.  I can instantaneously text, IM, or Tweet with both hands, while driving [only for the highly trained].  The positives of this new-wave far outweigh any possible negatives but it does raise concern for me personally as someone who is hopelessly looking for love; chivalry is seriously wavering on extinction. 

When I was in high school, I remember the butterflies and the anxiety of approaching members of the opposite sex and anticipating they would reciprocate the feelings I felt.  I was an overly sexualized individual so I lived life permanently buckled into the roller coaster of infatuation.  I remember my sophomore year, I fell for a boy named Joey.  He casually slipped me handwritten note between 3rd and 4th period one day.  I carefully crafted a witty, cute response that gave him the vague indication that I was interested in him too.  Eventually he gave me his pager number and I exchanged my cell phone. He courted me for a couple weeks and finally we started going on dates to the movies or the local Steak and Shake.  It was a slow, often nerve racking and filled with mind games but our courtship was sweet, thoughtful and genuine. 

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