Poll: What Makes Someone Kissable?


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Tell us what makes someone kissable. Think you're kiss-worthy? Enter the contest!

You're leaning in for the smooch and you're hit by a wall of bad breath (did he eat dog food for dinner?); or you see a big piece of… something… stuck to his lip; or he opens his mouth so wide you think you're about to go spelunking. These, friends, are not the attributes of a kissable person.

But what does make someone kiss-worthy? You're out, you're flirting and suddenly you're thinking about leaning in and feeling lips on yours…

Tell us: which of the following makes you want to kiss someone? 

*Who's the most kissable person in America? Check out the "Be The Face of Wisp" contest and vote now... or enter yourself.

Poll: What Makes Someone Kissable? :

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