my life with my boyfriend

my life with my boyfriend

Today I've been together with my boyfriend for 1 year and 8 months. It's been wonderful times, and also hard times.

We meet a half year before we got together at my friends place. I thought he was cute, and so did he about me. Tho nothing happend back then, so both went our seperate ways in our relationships. We kept texting eachother alot tho. We could text eachother for free. I know we texted over 2000 every months. Sometimes 3000. My dads jaw dropped when he heard about it haha.

3 months later we slept in the same room. I was laying on the floor on a matress and my boyfriend-to-be on the bed. We looking at eachother and we started to hold ands and like stroking slowly. It was so wonderful! We had'nbt told each other how we felt for one and other, but everytime we were near each other with friends. We held hands in secret or when no one saw us. and kept talking about being near each other and about funny stuff when texting.

Then in august the 21, while we were texting like freaks as usual. He told me he had a crush on me, and I told him I had one too, for him. Greatest nights of them all!


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