Poll: Would You Date A Current Or Former Prostitute?


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Escorts aren't just for the president anymore.

Picture it guys — you're on a date with a smart, attractive woman.  Somewhere between appetizers and dinner the conversation turns to work.  Now, there aren't many jobs that are a dealbreaker, especially.  Sure, you might prefer to date a doctor instead of a woman who works in waste management, but it's certainly not something that would make you re-think the whole date. 

So what if, of all the working girls you could have been dining with, you find out that your gal is a prostitute?  Not a stripper, an exotic dancer, or a porn star.  Just a straight-up, sex-for-money lady of the night. Would you dump your date before she could finish her sentance?  What about if you were already in a relationship and she confessed that she used to be a hooker? 

Vote in our poll and if you've ever had this experience make sure to share it in our comments section.

Poll: Would You Date A Current Or Former Prostitute?:

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