25 Secrets To A Loving, Lasting Marriage


old couple in love
Couples who've been married up to 50 years share their tricks to making wedlock work.

These real-life couples have been in the marriage trenches and they're still laughing, smiling, having a ball. Here, their secrets to making love last for the long haul.

"We're best friends. You really have to like each other to last. When the sex becomes less important you better enjoy doing things together (while still doing things apart). We drive for days to car shows sometimes. So we better like each other." Ralph has been married to Teresa for 17 years.


"A key to success was my willingness to give up the home decor I had brought into our relationship. This included my neon-light beer signs, a Jethro Tull poster, a bedroom set collected from at least four non-matching sources, a bamboo sofa, a brick-and-wood bookcase and a roll-top desk from my youth." Steve has been married to Barbara for 24 years (Irvine, CA ). Move In Together, Fight-Free

"We made a pact to never fight about money. Financial problems lead to divorce. We didn't want our relationship to deteriorate over something as inconsequential as money. We've been through financial ups and downs, including bouts of unemployment and significant credit-card debt. But we never cast blame and remain calm during financial discussions." Lisa and Brian celebrate 12 years in June.

"Never discuss sensitive subjects when hungry or tired. And eat marshmallows to improve communication. What's the one thing you can't possibly do with a mouthful of marshmallows? Talk. Communication is more about listening than talking. I tell my wife, if something I say can be interpreted two ways and one of those ways makes you sad or angry, I meant the other one." Steven has been married to Sheryl for 20 years (Longwood, FL).

"I once read in an old book on marriage: 'Always treat your husband as an honored guest in your home.' In other words, be on your best behavior. This has rubbed off on me and he reciprocates. It works! My own saying about marriage is: 'A good marriage is made up of a thousand small kindnesses.'" Trudy has been married to Paul for 35 years (Yuma, AZ).

"We purposely sit next to each other on the couch each night. My father told me to be sure to do this when I got married. It makes it impossible not to physically touch each other!" Stephanie has been married for 18 years.

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