Stale Sex? 6 Secrets From A Supersexpert


Stale Sex? 6 Secrets From A Supersexpert
All about sex toys, threesomes, and other ways to improve your love life.

Is your sex life in a rut? Do you want to try out something new, but are unsure of how to go about doing so? Author Tracey Cox explains everything you need to know in her book, Secrets of A Supersexpert, from sex tips, miscellaneous trivia, and the psychology of falling in love.Forum: Sex Tips that work

For instance, two in every thousand men can perform oral sex on themselves, women have the highest libido during days 12-16 of their cycle, and having more sex pretty much guarantees less erection problems. Just a few things to bring up at your next office function...


Tracey also points out, that while being in a long-term relationship can lead to love, often times lust and attraction can fade over time. Which does not always fare well for your sex life.

Here are some ideas to help spice things up, direct from Ms. Cox:

1. Try a threesome. Nevertheless, beware the emotional backfires of having a threesome, and always try to focus on your partner more than the other person.

2. Introduce sex toys to break up your routine. For vibrators, choose a stronger one, as you can always place it on a lower setting. In addition, make sure to store your toys separately and keep them clean.Read: Sex Toys You'll Both Love

Remember, have fun. Today's sex toy market includes toys that pleasure both men and women via vibrating, licking, rotating, and more.

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