CUT THE BOY-s**t 2

CUT THE BOY-s**t 2

They say those who can’t do; teach. Well, those who don’t date; spend hours upon hours listening to their girl friends bitch and moan. I haven’t been in a serious relationship in over 2 years so I am rusty but I’ve witnessed 20 failed ones, including my own, along the way. I am by no means a board-certified therapist. Hell, I never "officially" completed my college degree. I have a brain, a conscience, a heart and eyes and all seem to be working just fine.

I am as qualified as Dr. Phil except I have a full head of hair and I tell it like it f*****g is. But to Dr. Phil’s credit, his successful career has helped so many people change their lives for the better. His charitable donations and sharp-witted commentary have helped thousands reshape their-----blah, blah, blahs. I don’t know if you have caught onto my tone but I don’t care too much for DR. PHIL. I challenge YOU to name one uniquely original and ground-breaking medical or psychological concept he has conceived in the 11 years he has been in the limelight. He’s like the white Rev. Sharpton; always buzzing around in the background of a media shitstorm; doing Americans a great justice by taking on America’s serious dilemmas, like Britney Spears!

This happened amidst the media frenzy when someone gave Bratney Spears too much Kaballah Kool-Aid, she went off the deep end, shaved her head, started hanging around the Dumb and Dumber [Adnan Ghalib and Sam Lufti] and BAM! she’s Monday’s headline topic for Dr.Phil as he tries to talk some sense into her. Really?? The headline should have read: Dr. Phil and Britney Spears Try on Hats and Discuss Hair Re-growth….On the Next, Dr. Phil at 3 PM. What the heck qualifies him to even give say-so into the matter? What new insight can you possibly provide to her that her 1. parents, 2. her therapist, 3. her psychotherapist, 4. her many lawyers, 5. Madonna, and 6.her publicist haven’t already addressed. Dr. Phil is everything she is not; a married, family man with a "morally"-strong TV career. She doesn’t need to know the leading causes of childhood obesity or the failures of her past dating experiences or advice of any kind given from an un-certified doctor. He's also a divorced but remarried man and father of 2 spoiled sons (who seem to be following in the same materialistic, chauvinistic shoes that he walked in for years. His eldest son Jay showed the world his wide range in women whose lights-are-always-on-but-nobody’s-home when he wed Erica Dahm of Playboy’s Damn Triplets).

Or most recently, OCTOMOM: A woman on welfare, with enough collagen to reconstruct Janice Dickenson for the next 100 years, who was living with her parents’ in an almost-foreclosed home with 6 children under the age of 7. If that isn't bad enough, she spews a brood of octuplets…and he's advising her about what to do? This is a women who, I swear on national TV, told American’s she’s going to feed her children with hugs and unicorns and dress them with rainbows. Nadya Suleman doesn’t need to hear: “Sometimes you make the right decision, sometimes you make the decision right”--Dr. Phil

She needs to hear: “Bitch, you are fucking crazy and I am so pissed that my hard earned tax dollars are being used to suck the fat out of your grotesque stomach and ass and injecting them into your face”--random LA County, CA Resident


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