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love on hold


i have been caught in a strange, "complicated" relationship, in which a friend of my loved one has betrayed him by exposing our affair. before, he exposed this truth, we mutually agreed that i would relocate to iowa city (from chicago), to be closer. so, either way, i was bound to wait five months for the move (since iit takes time in relocating); although with this tragedy of exposure, i am going through the silence of my loved one (as he is mending the unstable relationship back to a bearable/sustainable position); yet, periodically, i would get e-mail responses from her saying that her relationship has basically, miraculously recovered. i am hesitant to think that in four months, two people could "repair" an unstable relationship, that has been happening for eight to thirteen (unsure of accurate number) years, to miraculous recover. if this has happened, i will contact the pope and report this great mystery! with all this said and done, all i have left, is hope/time that we can one day come together and continue what we had left, because it is love/truth never changes (in which, the physical attributes of life do change).

also, i realize, i can not quite "let go" now, with the promise of uprooting myself for him, still pending: a promise is a promise. if nothing happens until then, perhaps then, i will "move on". . .


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