I hate women who are over 35.

I hate women who are over 35.

Some people (usually people under 21) freak out if you tell them you are dating someone ten years different in age. Some people think it's impossible. I don't think it is. But it is for me. Some people thrive on the fact that their partner is DIFFERENT from them. But I need some similarities in values and interests to really be comfortable with it all.

For whatever reason, it seems that I have been perpetually hooked up with women who are 10 years my senior. Each time, this has failed miserably. Three times in a row, that is. Why does this fail for me? Well, it's not that there isn't an initial attraction because obviously, there is. But like I said earlier, I need someone who is more LIKE me than DISLIKE me. I find it very hard to overcome the "generation gap" with women 10 years older than me.

I always find that they have different attitudes towards sex, different attitudes towards the world and culture, different attitudes concerning interests, politics, social agendas, even diet and activity. I find that a lot of "older" women (i.e. older than me) tend to be very controlling and manipulative, particularly a lot of women between the ages of 35-40. I understand that this is the experience *I* have had and is not an indicator that all women that age have those traits.

I do tend to get all the dysfunctional losers attracted to me and I've been told that this is because I'm somewhat dysfunctional myself. Dating dysfunctional wierdos is no picnic, believe me. I advise one to avoid it if you're at all like me. My life has had enough hiccups without being around a partner who can't even keep their own life straight. I plan to make a post specifically about this issue: Dating dysfunctional people.

Well, that is my first post. I have a difficult time with older women. I usually end up hating them in the end with great ferocity. Hopefully, I will be wiser in the future to avoid these "cougars." I find that they are just that usually: Predatory creatures who only want to suck you of your life.


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