5 Things He Doesn't Think You Can Handle


Things She Can't Handle
Why do we need a stylish screwdriver to get our hands dirty?

When we heard that someone was painting parking spots pink in an effort to ease women drivers between the yellow lines, we got to thinking. Is it female drivers who need the extra room or the overzealous man who can't keep his hands off our curves? Sure we've been known to shudder at the onset of an occasional spider but that's more for your benefit than ours. Men are always making modifications for their female counterparts. From shaving cream for women to push-ups on our knees, we feel as though you're trying to tell us something.

Female friendly parking spots aren't the only example of things being dumbed down for woman. Here are 5 more things he doesn’t think you can handle.


1. Martinis. Never mind the pretty blond serving up that stiff drink, a real martini is clearly too much for a woman to handle. As a result, we now have the Appleitini, Peartini, Tartini and a whole shaker's worth of fruity drinks that are one part alcohol, two parts patronizing. Alcohol is a great ice breaker.

2. Power tools. Blame it on HGTV but a spree of home improvement programming finds most of us spending Friday night at Home Depot as opposed to home in bed. While men and women alike find it nearly impossible to resist a home renovation, it's the girls who get handed the hard hat while the men cut and measure. Case in point, Tools For Women, a special set of power tools designed to "inspire women to become confident in their own abilities." Can someone please tell us why we need a stylish screwdriver to get our hands dirty?

3. NFL paraphernalia. We're petty sure we can pull off a correctly color-coded football jersey. Quarterbacks don't wear pink, so why should their female fans?

4. Razors. Don't tell us your neck is more complicated than the entire female body combined. If a woman can run a plastic razor up her leg while balancing on one foot, don't you think she can handle a battery operated Norelco? The female hair removal system revolves around a single blade and a smoldering pot of wax. Where's our flex and pivot technology? Technology Helps You Bond Over Barack

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