Top 5 Reasons To Date Your One-Night Stand


date your one-night stand man
Justification for making one night last a little longer.

Yesterday's Smitten featured a letter from a reader who was perplexed about how to handle a crush she had on her roommate's buddy. As with most crush-related quandries, the pressing issue at hand was "how do I tell him?" But there was one main difference between this reader's crush and the standard "your friend is cute" variety. Namely, the fact that she'd already slept with him.

Of their one-night of magic, and her subsequent feelings, she says: "We were extremely drunk, and he came home with me and we had sex...and now I want to date him. He doesn't have a cell phone so I can't do the flirty texting thing. I've considered adding him on Facebook a lot lately, but I don't want to be too forward...What do I do? How do I make the (second) first move on this?"


The Smitten wisely suggested that the reader just be straightward. They advised her to send him an email stating something along the lines of "I like hanging out with you. Do you want to maybe meet up this Wednesday for a beer?"

In response to that, we say, good answer, Smitten. A more high-falutin publication might have taken that nice reader's letter as an excuse to preach against the practice of one-night stands. But they did not. And in advising their reader as they did (to just go for it), they've inspired us to consider all the reasons why it might be a good (or even great) idea to date the guy you had that single drunken roll in the hay with. Below, are our top five.

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