I met <let say his name is Ron> from online dating site, he seem interested of what i had to offer on my profile, we started talking for about a month, and i decided to give him my phone number, we started talking from day to night; every day.  he finally asked me out, we went out to my favorite place, we went to see a movie after ....he seemed to be really interested, and he asked me out on a second date ....
he mentioned how he liked me and i told him the same thing too, however, he is always busy with work, if it's not work then it's his G1 phone from t-mobile he always said oh my phone restarted so i did not get your messages and all that stuff, i want to know is this guy for real or he's just telling me a lie ?? but we did end up going out on our second date ... like i'm really confused this guy is totally playing a mind game, i understand he is or supposedly busy with work, but .... doesn't he got at least a minute to call and say hi ? oh by the way, he sometimes call but he hasn't lately, what the heckkkk is going on here ??

HELP !!!


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