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IM IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH A NARRIED WOMAN AND WOULD LIKE SOME FEEDBACK AND MAYBE SOME ADVICE THAKS TO ANYONE WHO RESPONDS ive been seeing this woman since december of 08 shes 40 im 46 shes been married for 23 years hes a great guy but she says shes unhappy and tells me i provide what lacks in thier relationship he recently discovered that we have been seeing each other n asks her to end it but we still seeing  each other he picks her friends for her and tries to control her i think? she says i make her feel alive n sex is awesome! guilt is eating her up inside! she suggested keeping both oe us he wont have it? i truly love this woman with all my being she says she loves me but i dont know what to do we all are or were friends till now thanks for any input thats productive n non judgemental


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