toilets in yards


toilets in yards

I don't know what to do with myself. The Pea is with her daddy, I have no plans, and I am crawling the walls. I am antsy and sick to my stomach and I know I should get out of the house, go find something to do, maybe go to a movie, but then the whole spending money thing comes into play and I really shouldn't do that, so here I sit, with nothing to write, but not knowing what else to do. I was hoping to put together some sort of story. This morning when I went out for coffee there was a toilet sitting on the front lawn of my neighbors house. I almost went back for my camera because it was so random and silly and gross all at the same time and I thought I should snap a picture, but I was jonesin' for some caffeine and some human contact and instead, I continued on. When I got back to my house ANOTHER neighbor had a toilet sitting in their front lawn. Did I not get the memo? Was today put your toilet outside day? It was so random and bizarre I thought for sure I would find a way to make it into a story by now, but no dice...nevertheless I wanted to share, because I am still rather perplexed.

Anyway, after returning home, I read an article on The Frisky by John was about dating losers...well it started out that way, and then he got to the meat of it, which is we are all losers, and finding someone who finds you lovely and amazing anyway, and with whom you feel comfortable being a mess is really what it should be about...wanted to share a quote, because I wish I had written it:

Which brings me to a bigger point: Really, we’re all losers. We’re all uniquely dorky snowflakes. Love, real love, not mutually-masturbatory infatuation, is forgiving someone for being human. And being human is being a loser, an embarrassing, spectacular mess of contradictions, insecurities, and pimples. It’s what makes us all so interesting.

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