moving forward

moving forward

in the midst of it all...
emerged the turning point
there comes a time when
all is given...all seems wasted...
we are at a standstill

wait a little longer...
see with a different view
ponder and listen...

a leeway had been there
all along...
hidden from the surface
covered with fine dust
a flimsy veil...

a need to sharpen within...
a purifying process
a difficult undergoing...
these cleanse and exalt
and give way
to a higher level of understanding

the power of exploring
brings us closer to improving...
it comes from inside
an urge that grows
a wanting...

the acceptance of change
not so gently... stripping us all
the layers of facades
we had acquired through
we keep them hidden
even from us...

let them free...
make room for the unexpected
open the doors and start the venture

that is the concept
the flow...
staleness has no place


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