Mid-life crisis the final months


Mid-life crisis the final months

Well I cant say I didnt expect this, but I really feel that it's over. The end of March brought more agony to myself and our children. We had an appointment with the concilliator. Then after going to appointment I wasnt allowed in. Seem's my wife called and requested seperate meeting's. RED FLAG!!!.  I attended the next day and I was treated like a criminal right from the start. The conciliator was very rude and had an investigator sitting in with us?. Seams as though my wife told him that I was never involved in our minor children's life, I had been financially irresponsible our ENTIRE marriage, and I was very verbally and emotionally abusive over the last couple year's. I spend as much time wiyh my children as my job allow's, only weekend's off and that is spent with my family. I have been working my entire life since graduation,and I give my check's to my wife every week, she pay's the bill's. And I have never disrespected my wife by being abusive, verbally or emotionally.  End result of false allegation's- she get's custody and I get very little visitation time. I have since filed an objection motion on the temp-custody ruling and now we have a date with the judge. Wont be seperate, no lie's go unchecked, and I have familly for witnesses on time's I spend with my kid's. SHE IS WORRIED!!!.  I have kept myself busy researching Mid-life crisis and I'm not sure we can get past the lie's, deception,possible infidelity,etc.......

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