Night Owl vs. Sleepyhead

Night Owl vs. Sleepyhead

I've been a night owl all my life. My parents used to joke about it.  They said I would do backflips all night in my mother's womb and when I was a toddler I'd just walk around the house at night.  I remember a time when I was in fifth grade and had insomnia. I would stay up and watch television, read books, or just work on homework. Okay so I was kind of a nerd. This nocturnal behavior even spilled over into my adulthood. I was the only freshman I know that went to my college that stayed up until 6:30 AM, took an hour nap, and woke up and went to my 8:00 AM class. What's up with that?

I do indeed love the night time.  I like daylight also because I love the sun but I love how at night everything's pretty quiet and still and you can just have time to think. I like staying up to watch Family Guy over and over on various stations and I like writing in my journal late at night as well. 

My dilemma is that my boyfriend, Steve, is a sleepyhead. He can't get enough sleep at night and he wakes up at 4:00 AM every morning. I went over to his house tonight to take him a shirt and he was like telling me how he was about to go to bed at like 8:15.  I was like wow!  He doesn't have to be at work until 7 so I don't understand why he wakes up so early.  He said he likes to be leisure when he eats his breakfast in the morning. He loves breakfast. I for one could take breakfast or leave it. The only breakfast I would gladly wake up for and be leisure over are IHOP's pumpkin pancakes or Waffle House pecan waffles with hashbrowns on the side. Everything else seems gross and yucky so early in the morning.

So my guy will wake up at 4:00 AM no matter what just so he can get up and eat breakfast of usually Eggo waffles or oatmeal.  I on the other hand could care less about breakfast.  I like the sleep more. I have to be at work at 8:30 AM so I'll sleep until 7:30 AM a lot of times, take my shower, get dressed, and run off to work. I may find something to eat in my kitchen but I hate taking the time to cook or fix something. 

Sometimes Steve and I will sit on the couch and he'll sleep the whole time he comes over to visit.  I'll be just chatting away and then I'll say, "Steven, Steven!!! Are you awake?!" And he'll mumble sleepily, "Yeah, I'm awake. I'm listening to every word you say." But I know he's asleep and probably hasn't heard anything. 

The sad thing about this is he actually feels bad about it.  Like he really wishes he could stay up. When we first started dating, I noticed he'd buy a lot of Red Bull and NoDoz drinks (yeah NoDoz sells energy drinks now--who would have thought?).  Since he's knocking on 40's door, I freak out about him having so much caffeine. I mean I like for him to stay up with me but I don't want his heart to explode or have a heart attack. 

I wonder if when Steve and I get married, will my night owl ways and his sleepyhead status make us have problems? 


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