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Well life it seem is just funny sometimes. Last night my boyfriend is just getting home from work and I get a text message. I miss your amazing smile and beautiful body...I smile thing its my boyfriend and he is wanting some attention from me.. Then I look at the number and I don't recognize it...So I text back who is this? my reply Jim (my ex) I haven't spoken to him for 5-6 months now. That was his choice and fine by me. He changed his number and had been dating one of my good friends for the past year.

This man was verbally abusive,got me thrown out of my home. He fas had 2 DWI's in the last year. He has finacially ruined me for now.Never wanted to speak to me again and is now texting me at 1 am to tell me how much me misses me.

Good Lord!!! The satistfaction I got telling him where to go was amazing. He says he won't bother me anymore and I hope that's the case. I am done with toxic relationships...


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