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My Angel


When i was younger i had to take care of my 5 siblings by the time i was 4 i knew how to cook. My mom was never around and my dad left when i was a baby. When i was ten i was taken and placed in foster care i was also seperated from my other siblings except for my little sisster see i was the oldest i had taken care of them ever since i could remember.I raised her until she was ten then they had taken her from me to i was a very scared emotional little girl everyone that i got close to or loved had left. Eventually i turned 18 and the state threw me out of the system i was staying with my friend  when  i met my husband at first i didnt want to get close to him or even love him but i ended up falling in love with him and marrying him he has never left me hurt me he belives in me when i don,t . He is the only person who has never give up on me i fell like he was sent to me. I did get the chance to find my siblings i know get talk to them sometimes and see them my mom is a horrible person i tryed to forgive her but after i found out that the reason we got taken was because she choose her boyfriend over us  i dont have anything to do with her .My husband know,s everything about me  and he loves me for who i am and i think god every day for sending him to me i hope that  maybe somene who reads this that may have experinced something similiar  can get something from this that there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel  you just got to have faith.


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