Three Strikes And This Guy Is OUT!


Three Strikes And This Guy Is OUT!

Around Valentine's Day, when all the on-line dating companies
"hype" themselves, I thought, OK - I will try again. But this time it
will be different, because I am NOT a believer of this dating method at all.
Every guy I have met online so far is not my type. I have never gotten around
to caring enough to put myself in motion to actually leave my comfy nest to
even see one of these males in person. By the second or third phone call - it's

I am an active listener. There are key things I look for, and when
I hear or read something that sets me off, I make a mental note. Three strikes
and they are out (via email or a phone call or a face-to face meeting). I like
to work in 3's. Three email exchanges, three phone calls, and three dates.
Usually by then I have more than enough information about guys to decide if I
explore this any further. 


Rules can always be broken, though :)

In the world of non-line dating (when you actually meet someone
face-to-face) so far no one has made it past the 3rd date in quite awhile.
Close, but then their true colors show. And, like listening to the radio - I
tune them out and search for another station. 

Also, I made a pact with myself that when starting this new
online site recently. I would pick one night/week for one hour, just to see
what was in my inbox, who smiled at me, who IM'ed me etc. I don't approach
guys, either. It's NOT natural in human mating behavior. I want to be pursued.
And, I chose Monday - to see what was up for the week. However, when I did join
this particular “on-line” site, I did spend a few hours reading profiles etc.
just to get a general overview to see if it was for me.

I was losing faith, until earlier this week, when the "Prinz" caught my attention.

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