It's In the Cards. Maybe not.

It's In the Cards. Maybe not.

Horoscopes, palm reading, tarot cards - there's a good many people who turn to these devices and others like them for divine information on their love life.  With only a small amount of embarrassment I admit I have recently done the same, but in a dramatic and erratic attempt to quiet my own fears.  I didn't help.
Horoscopes and (shamefully, yes, ONLINE) tarot cards kept insisting that my relationship will end soon and badly at that.

It was absolutely horrifying! Especially since all the different sites kept giving my the same message.  It took my anxiety to the next level and finally I couldn't take it anymore.  In a moment of rage, depression, and stress I told the reading that I didn't care what they or anything had to say about my relationship - I love my man! and no one or thing or oracle or universe was going to keep me from doing my up most best to love and cherish! Especially ones that happen to be online.  My next reading was surprisingly up beat.
If you haven't already noticed this recently happened during a stressed and insecure moment in my life( I have a lot of those.)

After a very much needed breather, I feel secure that even if my love and I hit more than our fair share of  hard bumps in our relationship we can overcome it.  I just had to take a step back and remember that any sort of "celestial reading" only "prophesies" what can happen if you stay on the path or state of mind you are in the moment and changes with your choices.

I'm not going to try to debunk or trash any sort of belief or praise one over the other, but not matter what, when it comes to your relationship the only ones who have the best idea of what's going to happen and what can happen is you and your partner. 

So if horoscopes, tarot cards, runes, dreams and palm reading is your cup of tea then all the more power to you, but an unwritten rule for most, if not all, beliefs is that free will is very much in place and the future is always a blank. No matter what anyone or thing says relationships can work and be salvaged as long as both people work hard and have faith in it.


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