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Mid-life crisis part 2


After about a month of struggling to see our kids she finally came over to our house and sit down for a talk. We agree'd that the kids need to see their dad, so she said i would have them every weekend from friday evening till sunday evening. After our talk i approched her and hugged her,She drew in her arm's and head and was shaking very bad. I asked her what was wrong and she said she felt terrified of me. We've been married 21 years and together 23 and i have never hit or verbably abused her in any way, so i was very concerned why she would feel fear. She told me she didn't know why nor could she understand it, she also had a tightness in her chest when around me and only me. She decided to go to a counceler to seek help but stated if it didnt work out she wanted the divorce as a last resort. It's been two very long month's now and i have never dealt with this much emotional pain and stress,it will bring you to your knee's. Everything you think you should do, do the opposite. dont try to talk about the relationship, dont try to ask about the possible future,dont expect her to be reasonable at all. Forget trying to call every day to see how things are going,even though you really care and are concerned. And the most painfull part, Dont expect her to say I LOVE YOU, she cant.    


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