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Mid-life crisis, the silent marriage ender.


The summer 2008 was pretty normal for my family. in september my wife lost her grandmother and two uncles within a month, shortly after i noticed my wife starting to act very distant towards me. I'f i were "dumb" enough to ask her what was wrong, i got a very stearn NOTHING and she would walk away. this gradually got much worse. she started wanting to drink much more than normal (maybe once a month) and she became very secretive. She began to carry her cell phone everywhere in her pocket, with it on viberate not ring. She also began to keep her hair really nice and wear make-up every day, something she normally only done when we went out together. Naturally I assumed she was having an affair. In November our sex life had ended, i asked her what was going on and she stated that she had no sex drive at all. In December just before Christmas my wife told me she wanted to make love. I was very surprised because just a day prior she told me she was really concered about the loss of drive. We attempted to initiate the act and she told me there was no pleasure from being touched or kissed. We discussed the need to visit her doctor, but she didn't want too. On December 28 I woke to an empty house, wife and kids were gone. About 2 weeks went by before she finally answered my calls and told me she had fallen out of love with me and needed time to think about what she wanted. I asked her when i could see our kids and she stated she didnt know, she would think about it.Then the Divorce papers.


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