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I understand why President Clinton had a relationship with that woman.....


I know why the spouses of President Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Eliot Spitzer, and others who have strayed stand by them.  It is because they know why their husbands strayed and are to blame for it.  As a 47-year-old male working in an industry where I know where I stand, is it too much to ask for sex with the woman of my dreams at least once a week and on a predictable schedule?  I think most of these spouses would answer that it is too much to ask.  After each of these scandals, I mentioned to my wife that I feel exactly what they feel.  As a man, successful in my career, I have no control over when and if I have sex in a day, week or month and the woman of my dreams.  The woman of my dreams cannot and will not give me a “sex day” no matter what I promise to do or say.  The need and release of physical sex is clear to me but not so clear to my wife.  At this point in her life, the desire is not there, yet she loves me without question – I know it.  We drive to work together each day and have the greatest conversations about our daughters, our future, financial challenges and everything else including sex yet the sexual actions do not happen.  Why is this?  While I have not acted on my need for physical sex, I understand how it happened in the cases I mentioned.  Women, am I crazy here?  Does this make sense?  What should I do differently? 




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