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so we lose at love today... it started off well i suppose...what do you do when you are trying to be the supportive wife for the husband with the lost job ? I am times i was okay and then "it" came up. The income tax he has been out of work for a couple months  the rebate was small, the plan in my brain was simple pay off the bills. Apparently different in his brain although I thought this was all worked out. Now the discussion isn't even up for debate. He has decided not to speak of it, just do what I want with his money he says. What ?! I am so lost. Somewhere my conscious brain says duh pay the bills, he needs to get a job and then he can do whatever he wants but as things stand right now there has been no help with bills from him now for 2 months so yeh use umm his money that is actually our money to pay our bills. And then this other part of me feels bad for him. Right?! i dont know what thats all about but i do.


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