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the big 4 today


alright  so its thursday  I am on day 3 of the worst migraine of 2009. Yay me !!! Part of my job, I dooo love my job don't get me wrong, is answering this non stop ringing  phone. But on days like yesterday and today I really want to wrap the cord around my neck and strangle myself. and today is the four month anniversary of our Wedding. Yes we are sooo high schooly about our monthly anniversaries. Oh  come on we are in our first year  we can be all giddy. But between his back and my head we might kill each other groaning about our pains before the weekend actually gets here. Lucky me I am off tomorrow, whew. I am taking myself to the doc to have this headache checked out before I start thinking my brain has turned itself into one giant tumor. On the relationship tip we are doing really well since last week. We had the "blowout". Well i did anyways. I guess you could say i tried to hold in too much for too long. We just got married and he lost his job. So i tried the whole be patient and be the supportive wife. He was getting depressed i suppose. But man he was lazy and not taking care of himself not helping around the house. The dishes were in the sink for days. He was always mad at one of the dogs. I was going through all kinds of things. I was fighting with my mother, the dog got sick, the bills were piling up. Money was running out. Taxes had to filed. And I was bottling everything up until i couldn't anymore and then it ALL came out. There was an argument, a really long one, then that turned into a sit down lets talk abut this, and now here we are.......moving right step at a time.   But this is marriage,  there is no tv fantasy here  it is work and we both have to be in together to make it work. We both have to be willing to see what we need to add to the relationship and what we need to  focus on about ourselves to make one another appreciate the relationship and each other. Noone said it would be easy.....nothing worth having ever is.......... 


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