Ok so yea I am new to YourTango but it seems like a nice lil place to cozy up too when I need a place to let it all out. So I am a newlywed, 4 months tomorrow. My hubby recently lost his job, so I am currently our breadwinner. So you can see how I am totally a fit right in on so many of the articles listed on this site. We have really been going through well all of the first year  trials and tribulations i guess you would say.  We just have had them in four months. I don't think I actually have had a month to just breathe since the wedding. Anything and everything that could happen has, I have exes falling out of trees contacting me which is like really twisted. And of course it caused who can count how many fights. Than there was the facebook, myspace battle. Because that is the oh so unneccesary fight. And the job loss which is not anyone's fault but some how in every fight becomes someones fault. And even when we aren't the object of the fight, we are taking out the everyday stress of life on each other simply because we are the person that just happens to be RIGHT there. Again not really that person's fault just right there at that time. But we have love. Alot of love, maybe not alot of patienc these days, but enough love to know that we can get through this tough time and find ourselves on the other side of this huge brick wall still wanting to be in each other's arms. I can still remember a time when i swore off marriage and told anyone who would listen that statistics would blatantly prove that marriage was doomed to fail. And I was by all means an expert on the subject after watching my mothers numerous attempts, and escapes. But the night I remet my husband and we went out for the first time again. It was magical and it was in that moment when we jokingly planned our wedding that I fell hard, and so it was......and here we are Married. And i would do it again in a heartbeat. We fight, We cry, We live......most of all We love. So for each day at a time, I think we might just be able to handle it.


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