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Valentine Day Special!!!!!


Home cooked meal; fried chicken, black eyed peas with pork neckbones, and mustard& collard greens with cornbread on the side are just a few of the items I made for the Lovely V-Day. Instead of filling my man up with love songs and  romantic movies, I had my Babe's stomach so full there was no room for anything else. Wanted to play a game of hide and seek but he sat at the table with a SMILE like damn Cat from Alice in Wonderland! The look of satisfaction but it was for me more than him. I wanted to complain about not doing anything else for the rest of the night. Instead I led him to the bedroom and laid next to him like a baby rubbing his stomach until we both fell asleep with a cat on our face!  I think I've found the key to my man's heart! And I this time I thought it was me!!!!  

  How was your Valentine's Day? Do anything Special for your Significant other? What made your Day/Night ?


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