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I've got to stick to my girl like glue.


I am writing this blog to see what kinda crazy feedback I'm going to get if any. I am in love with an amazing woman and I don't want anyone else. I am in the military and currently deployed while she is home and attending college full time plus working part-time. She is very ambitious and has alot of great plans for her future one of which is: she hopes to do an internship in Australia and spend a fair amount of time there. This is a big decision and will defintely affect our relationship-that doesn't mean it's bad though. I plan to get my degree as well but haven't pin-pointed exactly what I am going to major in. Well anyhow I have never lived in a foreign country but she has, including Germany and England. It would be a bit of culture shock for me but I'm willing nonetheless. I've even gone as far as to consider joining the Australian Coast Guard or Navy for a few years to assure citizenship and a steady job. What better way to become aquainted with Australia right? We do our time I get out come back home and join the USCG and live out my lifeline in the U.S. The point is I love her so much I'm willing to do anything to be sure I don't lose her or go my seperate way. I want the fairytale.Can I have it?I think I can.Do you? 


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