Smart Talk About Love ...


First of all, thank you. I *heart*ed right away, if for no other reason than that "they," meaning the powers-that-be that set up the technical rules and regulations, let me have a three-character username, my initials, jss.

Do you have any idea how rare and special it is for a site to let you do that? The only other place I have a three-character user ID is on my own damn mail and web server, where I can do whatever the hell I want.

Just try it anywhere else. You KNOW you can't do it at Yahoo or Google or AOL, where you're lucky if you get a clever, tasteful, personal username like susan078568567547 or bobwhohastried50different usernamesinavainattempttopickauniqueone.

I'm just jss here. I like that a lot. These days, I am mostly blogging about sexual culture over at but I'll be around here from time to time. It's so easy to log in, after all.

As to the slogan, Smart Talk About Love ... I'm not promising any of that. Love has been known to make me stupid(er). So we'll see.


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