Top Ten Eligible Celebrity Bachelorettes


Britney Spears
Bring your A-game for a shot at these eligible Hollywood ladies.

Attention all you lonely holiday guys: tired of spending the holidays alone?  Well, fear not!  We’re counting down Hollywood’s most eligible bachelorettes for you so grab some self-esteem, dust off your platinum card and get in the game!

Taylor Swift – If you’re a little younger, Taylor might be right up your alley (we’re not advocating dirty old men pick up on an 18 year old.) This gorgeous starlet has had an interesting year, having been dumped by Joe Jonas via a 27 second phone call earlier this year but with a number one album on the charts and looking better than ever, she’s a great catch for a nice, younger guy. Just don’t screw her over or you’ll wind up immortalized in a song lyric.


Drew Barrymore – this cougar-in-training is a famous bohemian spirit. Already married twice, she has a thing for artist types and actors, having ended a five year relationship with Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti last year and ended an 11-month relationship with actor Justin Longearlier this year. She’s recently seen practicing her cougar skills on Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick. If you’re a hot younger actor or a musician type, you might have a shot at Drew.

Madonna – this recent divorcee has a thing for Latin men, having sparked a relationship with A-Rod prior to her divorce and recently been seen canoodling with a Brazilian model.  If you think you can hang, have your own thing going, be ready to be managed like an employee and for goodness sakes man, hit the gym. She works out four hours a day and does three hour concerts. You might be able to keep up.

Britney Spears – After quite a troubling couple of years, Britney’s back on top with a top selling album, highly anticipated tour and that legendary body back in shape.  Britney’s been divorced from Kevin Federline for a while and hasn’t exactly shown the best taste in men, but we’re rooting for Brit-Brit to find a nice guy. She appears to like creative types who aren’t in awe of her fame, so try not to act like a fan and try to get her to laugh.

Liv Tyler – This classically beautiful actress is divorced from rocker Royston Langdon and is quietly single. The daughter of model Bebe Buell and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, she grew up between rockers and models so it’s probably best to avoid concerts or bars unless you happen to be performing there. Remember that she has a son by her first marriage so you must like kids.

Lauren Conrad – Although there are rumors that Lauren is dating someone, we still think you might have a shot.  You should dislike being on camera and be prepared to bring your silly side, as Lauren reportedly has a great sense of humor. Possess a great sense of style and a good sense of humor and you might be headed for The Hills.

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