5 Tips For Surviving His Family


How to mentally prepare for serious family time, no matter how irritating the in-laws may be.

In the beginning of a relationship, most women look forward to the day their boyfriend pops the question that takes things to a whole new level. No, we're not talking about that question but rather, "Will you come home with me?"

Being invited to meet his parents is a big step that most girlfriends are happy to take. That is, until she meets his family.


For some women, this changes nothing, but for most, meeting the loved ones of their loved one leaves them worried about a lifetime of holidays, birthdays, and other assorted gatherings with his brood. So, whether his mother is constantly smacking you with insults disguised as compliments or his dad can't find one decent thing to say throughout dinner, we've got you covered. We've grabbed five real-life scenarios and taken them to the experts to help make the holidays with his family a little brighter.

Bah Humbug #1: "I love my boyfriend dearly but he acts so different around his family and it annoys me to no end," Michelle, 29, Ann Arbor, MI

Make Your Season Bright: Remember that different circumstances require us to show different sides of our personality. While it might seem as though your boyfriend is a different person entirely, the truth is that he is likely made up of many sides and you're seeing a different one than he shows to you.

"It is very common for individuals to act differently in front of their families than they do with friends and/or significant others. This can be because they have a different comfort level with their family or because they are trying to project a certain image," says Dr. Candice Seti, a clinical psychologist specializing in family relationships. We're not suggesting you hold in your contempt when your macho man turn into a weepy mama's boy, but give him a break if he's simply toning down his personality or hiding the fact that he usually sprinkles his sentences with four-letter words.

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