Dumped? 10 Healthy Ways To Heal


Dumped? 10 Healthy Ways To Heal
Breakup tips to help you get over a split without eating, drinking, shopping or sleeping around.

Ice cream, alcohol, meaningless hookups: the go-to antidotes for a bad breakup are often about distraction rather than relief. What's more, they tend to injure more than assuage, as if the breakup itself didn't cause enough pain.

Here, we've identified 10 healthy ways to deal with getting dumped that don't include booze, food or flings:


1. Buy the Dumped! Fun and Games Activity Book, which offers such whimsical games as "I Cried to Smell Few (I Tried to Tell You)." Help broken-hearted "Sam" decipher what his friends have been telling him about his now ex-girlfriend in lines such as "Why stink clue fan screw fetter." Translation: "I think you can do better." Read: Can You Buy Happiness?

2. Surround yourself with happy people. Recent research from Harvard and the University of California, San Diego shows happiness is "infectious," so take up with a group of friends or organization that you know is high on life.

3. Log on to justbeendumped.wordpress.com and submit your breakup e-mails or IM conversations. The names are changed, so it's an anonymous way to have complete strangers tell you what a jerk he was. Your friends need a break anyway.

4. Listen to these top 10 breakup songs of the year. From Pink to Kanye, these tunes are all about getting back on your feet.

5. Learn boxing. Boxinggyms.com lists location around the country. Get angry—then get ripped.

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