Top 10 Best TV Husbands


Top 10 Best TV Husbands
From Homer Simpson to Eric Taylor, we've got the best husbands on TV.

Have you ever noticed that most TV husbands are dirt bags or at least seriously flawed? If they don't have a mistress then they are emotionally distant. If they're emotionally available then they may secretly (or not so secretly) be gay. You don't have to be Flannery O'Connor to know that sometimes a good man is hard to find (on TV). Here are the top 10 husbands that are currently airing shows.

Bob Vance (The Office). Vance Refrigeration is the finest HVAC operation in the Scranton, Pennsylvania area. And Bob Vance is married to Dunder Mifflin saleswoman Phyllis. The 2 married in the third season of The Office. He refused to get a lap dance from the stripper that Michael Scott hired for his bachelor party. On the negative side, he did start a family during the Vietnam War and they sort of want back into his life. Robert Shafer plays this character.


Marshall Eriksen (How I Met Your Mother). Marshall, played by Jason Segel, plays the resident married guy on How I Met Your Mother. He and Lily were married twice in the show's second season. He selflessly decided to get a job that he wasn't thrilled about to help Lily through her credit issues. He's been an incredibly good sport about the slanted floors in their Dowisetrepia (Down Wind Of The Sewage Treatment Plant) apartment. He is not someone who can be trusted with a secret.

Chris Truk (Scrubs). Donald Faison's character on Scrubs is involved in TV's best bromance. Despite his man-love for JD (Zach Braff), Turk has rounded into a pretty solid husband for nurse Carla. Even though he's got a massive ego, Turk is devoted to Carla and their daughter Isabella. Hopefully, there will never be a moment that he has to choose between JD and Carla. JD couldn't take that kind of rejection.

Crabman (My Name Is Earl). Joy (Jaime Pressly) is no, uh, joy to be around. But her husband, the Crabman (played by Eddie Steeples), does a great job of keeping her grounded. He has a shady past and is actually part of the Witness Protection Program. He also has 1 of the finest fros currently on television.

Tom Scavo (Desperate Housewives). Doug Savant plays the husband of Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman). He’s done a good job of keeping his ego in check and keeping his wits about him amid the drama on Wisteria Lane.

Homer Simpson (The Simpsons). Most people probably wouldn't think of Homer as much of husband, friend or father, but the fact is that he is hopelessly in love with Marge. He would (and has) done any and everything to win her back when 1 of his many thoughtless mistakes drove her away.

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